Read Me:

The fonts below are to show you a general idea of how your text will look before making a purchase.

*Any floating or detached letter will be connected back to the rest of the word/name with a line. Overlapping of letters will also be adjusted
*Dots above the i's will be attached directly or using a line.
*The letters will be connected in the best way we see fit to increase the stability of the design.
*We may use a different letter style (also known as a glyph) to enhance/improve the overall look of the name/word. If you do not want us to change any glyphs, please let us know.
*The way you format the text when provided to us in the notes field is how we will write it out. Ex: If you spell it with a lowercase first letter, it will be designed with a lowercase. If you spell it with a uppercase first letter, it will be designed with uppercase.
*Fonts that are individual such as Chic or Classic will come as individual letters or underlined depending on the design

If you'd like to see a "final preview" please state that in the notes field at check-out.

Enter your text in the field above to see what it looks like with each font.